Commit 406505dd authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Add some functions to get AVPF status.

parent 8ea457fa
......@@ -176,7 +176,22 @@ MS2_PUBLIC int media_stream_set_srtp_send_key(MediaStream *stream, MSCryptoSuite
* @param[in] stream MediaStream object
* @return true if stream is encrypted
* */
MS2_PUBLIC bool_t media_stream_is_secured(const MediaStream *stream);
MS2_PUBLIC bool_t media_stream_secured(const MediaStream *stream);
#define media_stream_is_secured media_stream_secured
* Tells whether AVPF is enabled or not.
* @param[in] stream #MediaStream object.
* @return True if AVPF is enabled, false otherwise.
MS2_PUBLIC bool_t media_stream_avpf_enabled(const MediaStream *stream);
* Gets the AVPF Regular RTCP report interval.
* @param[in] stream #MediaStream object.
* @return The AVPF Regular RTCP report interval in seconds.
MS2_PUBLIC uint8_t media_stream_get_avpf_rr_interval(const MediaStream *stream);
MS2_PUBLIC const MSQualityIndicator *media_stream_get_quality_indicator(MediaStream *stream);
......@@ -547,9 +547,19 @@ void media_stream_reclaim_sessions(MediaStream *stream, MSMediaStreamSessions *s
memcpy(sessions,&stream->sessions, sizeof(MSMediaStreamSessions));
bool_t media_stream_is_secured (const MediaStream *stream) {
bool_t media_stream_secured (const MediaStream *stream) {
return stream->sessions.is_secured;
bool_t media_stream_avpf_enabled(const MediaStream *stream) {
return rtp_session_avpf_enabled(stream->sessions.rtp_session);
uint8_t media_stream_get_avpf_rr_interval(const MediaStream *stream) {
return rtp_session_get_avpf_rr_interval(stream->sessions.rtp_session);
MSStreamState media_stream_get_state(const MediaStream *stream) {
return stream->state;
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