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......@@ -757,7 +757,12 @@ MS2_PUBLIC void video_stream_change_camera(VideoStream *stream, MSWebCam *cam);
MS2_PUBLIC MSFilter* video_stream_change_source_filter(VideoStream *stream, MSWebCam* cam, MSFilter* filter, bool_t keep_previous_source );
* @brief This is the same function as \ref
* @brief This is the same function as \ref video_stream_change_source_filter() called with keep_source=1, but
* the new filter will be created from the MSWebcam that is passed as argument.
* @param stream the video stream
* @param cam the MSWebcam from which the new source filter should be created.
* @return the previous source filter
MS2_PUBLIC MSFilter* video_stream_change_camera_keep_previous_source(VideoStream *stream, MSWebCam *cam);
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