Commit 6587af3b authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Fix build of vp8.c with Visual Studio.

parent f9dc023e
......@@ -517,13 +517,13 @@ typedef struct DecState {
static void dec_init(MSFilter *f) {
DecState *s=(DecState *)ms_new(DecState,1);
ms_message("Using %s\n",vpx_codec_iface_name(interface));
vpx_codec_flags_t flags = 0/*VPX_CODEC_USE_ERROR_CONCEALMENT*/;
ms_message("Using %s\n",vpx_codec_iface_name(interface));
/* Initialize codec */
if(vpx_codec_dec_init(&s->codec, interface, NULL, flags))
ms_error("Failed to initialize decoder");
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