Commit 7d0ab1d0 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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Revert "ICe: make sure pair already in progress are not wrongly reset to waiting."

This reverts commit 09acc3ca.
parent 200c3523
......@@ -1201,12 +1201,8 @@ static void ice_send_binding_request(IceCheckList *cl, IceCandidatePair *pair, c
/* In this case we wait for the transmission timeout before creating a new binding request for the pair. */
pair->wait_transaction_timeout = FALSE;
if (pair->use_candidate == FALSE) {
if (pair->state == ICP_InProgress) {
ms_message("ice: binding request already pending for checklist [%p] on pair [%p], switching to waiting",cl,pair);
} else {
ice_pair_set_state(pair, ICP_Waiting);
ice_check_list_queue_triggered_check(cl, pair);
ice_pair_set_state(pair, ICP_Waiting);
ice_check_list_queue_triggered_check(cl, pair);
......@@ -2771,7 +2767,7 @@ static void ice_set_lowest_componentid_pair_with_foundation_to_waiting_state(con
fc.priority = 0;
ms_list_for_each2(cl->check_list, (void (*)(void*,void*))ice_find_lowest_componentid_pair_with_specified_foundation, &fc);
if (fc.pair != NULL && fc.pair->state != ICP_InProgress && fc.pair->state != ICP_Succeeded) { /*pair might already be in progress if binding request already received*/
if (fc.pair != NULL) {
/* Set the state of the pair to Waiting. */
ice_pair_set_state(fc.pair, ICP_Waiting);
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