Commit 82f24f14 authored by jehan's avatar jehan
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implement DTLS symetric, like rtp symetric

parent 23e101f9
......@@ -240,6 +240,8 @@ static bool_t ms_dtls_srtp_process_dtls_packet(mblk_t *msg, MSDtlsSrtpContext *c
if ((*(msg->b_rptr)>19) && (*(msg->b_rptr)<64)) {
DtlsRawPacket *incoming_dtls_packet;
RtpSession *rtp_session = ctx->stream_sessions->rtp_session;
OrtpStream *ortp_stream = is_rtp?&rtp_session->>;
incoming_dtls_packet = (DtlsRawPacket *)ms_malloc0(sizeof(DtlsRawPacket));
//DtlsRawPacket *incoming_dtls_packet = (DtlsRawPacket *)ms_malloc0(sizeof(DtlsRawPacket));
......@@ -247,6 +249,19 @@ static bool_t ms_dtls_srtp_process_dtls_packet(mblk_t *msg, MSDtlsSrtpContext *c
memcpy(incoming_dtls_packet->data, msg->b_rptr, msgLength);
/*required by webrtc in server case when ice is not completed yet*/
if (!rtp_session->use_connect){
struct sockaddr *addr = NULL;
socklen_t addrlen;
addr = (struct sockaddr *)&msg->src_addr;
addrlen = msg->src_addrlen;
if (ortp_stream->socket>0 && rtp_session->symmetric_rtp){
/* store the sender rtp address to do symmetric DTLS */
/* store the packet in the incoming buffer */
if (is_rtp == TRUE) {
if (ctx->rtp_incoming_buffer==NULL) { /* buffer is empty */
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