Commit 8361204f authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez
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VideoToolboxH264Encoder: fix bug occuring when the buffer holding the encoded frame is not contigus

parent d63d0b35
......@@ -97,10 +97,9 @@ typedef struct _VTH264EncCtx {
static void vth264enc_output_cb(VTH264EncCtx *ctx, void *sourceFrameRefCon, OSStatus status, VTEncodeInfoFlags infoFlags, CMSampleBufferRef sampleBuffer) {
MSQueue nalu_queue;
CMBlockBufferRef block_buffer;
size_t read_size, frame_size;
size_t read_size=0, offset=0, frame_size;
bool_t is_keyframe = FALSE;
mblk_t *nalu;
size_t i;
if(sampleBuffer == NULL || status != noErr) {
vth264enc_error("could not encode frame: error %d", (int)status);
......@@ -112,14 +111,26 @@ static void vth264enc_output_cb(VTH264EncCtx *ctx, void *sourceFrameRefCon, OSSt
block_buffer = CMSampleBufferGetDataBuffer(sampleBuffer);
frame_size = CMBlockBufferGetDataLength(block_buffer);
for(i=0, read_size=0; read_size < frame_size; i++) {
while(read_size < frame_size) {
char *chunk;
size_t chunk_size;
int idr_count;
CMBlockBufferGetDataPointer(block_buffer, i, &chunk_size, NULL, &chunk);
OSStatus status = CMBlockBufferGetDataPointer(block_buffer, offset, &chunk_size, NULL, &chunk);
if (status != kCMBlockBufferNoErr) {
vth264enc_error("error while reading a chunk of encoded frame: %s", os_status_to_string(status));
ms_h264_stream_to_nalus((uint8_t *)chunk, chunk_size, &nalu_queue, &idr_count);
if(idr_count) is_keyframe = TRUE;
read_size += chunk_size;
offset += chunk_size;
if (read_size < frame_size) {
vth264enc_error("error while reading an encoded frame. Dropping it");
if(is_keyframe) {
......@@ -128,15 +139,15 @@ static void vth264enc_output_cb(VTH264EncCtx *ctx, void *sourceFrameRefCon, OSSt
size_t parameter_set_size;
size_t parameter_set_count;
CMFormatDescriptionRef format_desc = CMSampleBufferGetFormatDescription(sampleBuffer);
do {
CMVideoFormatDescriptionGetH264ParameterSetAtIndex(format_desc, i, &parameter_set, &parameter_set_size, &parameter_set_count, NULL);
CMVideoFormatDescriptionGetH264ParameterSetAtIndex(format_desc, offset, &parameter_set, &parameter_set_size, &parameter_set_count, NULL);
nalu = allocb(parameter_set_size, 0);
memcpy(nalu->b_wptr, parameter_set, parameter_set_size);
nalu->b_wptr += parameter_set_size;
ms_queue_insert(&nalu_queue, insertion_point, nalu);
} while(i < parameter_set_count);
} while(offset < parameter_set_count);
vth264enc_message("I-frame created");
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