Commit 84b46a48 authored by Yann Diorcet's avatar Yann Diorcet
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add plc destroy at audio_stream_free

parent 2055dec5
......@@ -63,6 +63,7 @@ void audio_stream_free(AudioStream *stream)
if (stream->encoder!=NULL) ms_filter_destroy(stream->encoder);
if (stream->decoder!=NULL) ms_filter_destroy(stream->decoder);
if (stream->dtmfgen!=NULL) ms_filter_destroy(stream->dtmfgen);
if (stream->plc!=NULL) ms_filter_destroy(stream->plc);
if (stream->ec!=NULL) ms_filter_destroy(stream->ec);
if (stream->volrecv!=NULL) ms_filter_destroy(stream->volrecv);
if (stream->volsend!=NULL) ms_filter_destroy(stream->volsend);
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