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android: add documentation for android-mediastreamer

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To build libmediastreamer for Android, you must:
1) download the Android ndk (r5b, r6) from google.
2) install the autotools: autoconf, automake, aclocal, libtoolize
3) run the ./ script in the linphone-android top level directory. This will download iLBC source files and convert some assembly files in VP8 project.
$ ./
4a) If you already build linphone-android, use the following command before building MS2 libs:
${my google ndk directory}/ndk-build clean
4b) finally from directory mediastreamer, just execute command:
$ ${my google ndk directory}/ndk-build NDK_APPLICATION_MK=jni/
There's a sample Mediastream Java app, to build and run it :
5) Use eclipse to create a new Android project 'from existing sources' using mediastreamer/java folder
Some options can be passed to ndk-build, like "ndk-build SOME_OPTION=SOME_VALUE"
Option Name | Possible values
BUILD_X264 0 (don't build x264) or 1 (build x264)
BUILD_AMR 0 (don't build amr codec), light (try to use amr codec from android), full (build your own amr codec)
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