Commit b13d20d1 authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez Committed by Ghislain MARY
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Fix crash when enabling video as the call is being recorded

parent 5c45a6fd
......@@ -1015,6 +1015,22 @@ static ms_bool_t matroska_load_file(Matroska *obj) {
/* Create an empty MetaSeek table if no has been found and create
the missing entries */
if(obj->metaSeek == NULL) obj->metaSeek = (ebml_master *)EBML_MasterAddElt(obj->segment, &MATROSKA_ContextSeekHead, FALSE);
if(obj->infoMeta == NULL) {
obj->infoMeta = (matroska_seekpoint *)EBML_MasterAddElt(obj->metaSeek, &MATROSKA_ContextSeek, TRUE);
MATROSKA_LinkMetaSeekElement(obj->infoMeta, (ebml_element *)obj->info);
if(obj->tracksMeta == NULL) {
obj->tracksMeta = (matroska_seekpoint *)EBML_MasterAddElt(obj->metaSeek, &MATROSKA_ContextSeek, TRUE);
MATROSKA_LinkMetaSeekElement(obj->tracksMeta, (ebml_element *)obj->tracks);
if(obj->cuesMeta == NULL) {
obj->cuesMeta = (matroska_seekpoint *)EBML_MasterAddElt(obj->metaSeek, &MATROSKA_ContextSeek, TRUE);
MATROSKA_LinkMetaSeekElement(obj->cuesMeta, (ebml_element *)obj->cues);
return TRUE;
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