Commit baf53672 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Fix wrong function calls that were breaking completion of ICE connectivity checks.

parent a04d1eac
......@@ -384,7 +384,7 @@ static int ice_find_non_failed_check_list(const IceCheckList *cl)
void ice_check_list_set_state(IceCheckList *cl, IceCheckListState state)
cl->state = state;
if (ms_list_find(cl->session->streams, (void (*)(void*))ice_find_non_failed_check_list) == NULL) {
if (ms_list_find_custom(cl->session->streams, (MSCompareFunc)ice_find_non_failed_check_list, NULL) == NULL) {
/* Set the state of the session to Failed if all the check lists are in the Failed state. */
cl->session->state = IS_Failed;
......@@ -2165,7 +2165,7 @@ static void ice_continue_processing_on_next_check_list(IceCheckList *cl, RtpSess
ms_error("ice: Could not find check list in the session");
elem = ms_list_find(cl->session->streams, (void (*)(void*))ice_find_running_check_list);
elem = ms_list_find_custom(cl->session->streams, (MSCompareFunc)ice_find_running_check_list, NULL);
if (elem == NULL) {
/* This was the last check list of the session. */
elem = ms_list_find_custom(cl->session->streams, (MSCompareFunc)ice_find_unsuccessful_check_list, NULL);
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