Commit ce42b22f authored by Jonathan Rosser's avatar Jonathan Rosser Committed by Guillaume Beraudo
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add more debugging about why a codec is not supported

parent d91e96af
......@@ -59,8 +59,13 @@ void ms_filter_unregister_all(){
bool_t ms_filter_codec_supported(const char *mime){
if (ms_filter_get_encoder(mime)!=NULL
&& ms_filter_get_decoder(mime)!=NULL) return TRUE;
MSFilterDesc *enc = ms_filter_get_encoder(mime);
MSFilterDesc *dec = ms_filter_get_decoder(mime);
if(enc!=NULL && dec!=NULL) return TRUE;
if(enc==NULL) ms_message("Could not find encoder for %s", mime);
if(dec==NULL) ms_message("Could not find decoder for %s", mime);
return FALSE;
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