Commit d4b683a6 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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plc is compatible with stereo

parent e4dcc515
......@@ -828,8 +828,8 @@ int audio_stream_start_full(AudioStream *stream, RtpProfile *profile, const char
/*hack for opus, that claims stereo all the time, but we can't support stereo yet*/
if (strcasecmp(pt->mime_type,"opus")==0){
if (stream->features != 0){
/*except in the case where all features are disabled, we can't activate real stereo*/
if ( (stream->features & (~AUDIO_STREAM_FEATURE_PLC) ) != 0){
/*all features except PLC prevent from activating the stereo*/
ms_message("Full stereo enabled in this audiostream.");
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