Commit d81819dd authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Prevent adding duplicate ICE candidates.

parent 446e4058
......@@ -105,6 +105,8 @@ extern void rtp_session_dispatch_event(RtpSession *session, OrtpEvent *ev);
static void ice_send_stun_server_binding_request(ortp_socket_t sock, const struct sockaddr *server, socklen_t addrlen, int id);
static int ice_compare_transport_addresses(const IceTransportAddress *ta1, const IceTransportAddress *ta2);
static int ice_compare_pair_priorities(const IceCandidatePair *p1, const IceCandidatePair *p2);
static int ice_compare_pairs(const IceCandidatePair *p1, const IceCandidatePair *p2);
static int ice_compare_candidates(const IceCandidate *c1, const IceCandidate *c2);
static int ice_find_host_candidate(const IceCandidate *candidate, const uint16_t *componentID);
static int ice_find_nominated_valid_pair_from_componentID(const IceValidCandidatePair* valid_pair, const uint16_t* componentID);
static void ice_pair_set_state(IceCandidatePair *pair, IceCandidatePairState state);
......@@ -1543,6 +1545,7 @@ void ice_handle_stun_packet(IceCheckList *cl, RtpSession *rtp_session, const Ort
static IceCandidate * ice_add_candidate(MSList **list, const char *type, const char *ip, int port, uint16_t componentID)
MSList *elem;
IceCandidate *candidate;
IceCandidateType candidate_type;
int iplen;
......@@ -1587,6 +1590,13 @@ static IceCandidate * ice_add_candidate(MSList **list, const char *type, const c
elem = ms_list_find_custom(*list, (MSCompareFunc)ice_compare_candidates, candidate);
if (elem != NULL) {
/* This candidate is already in the list, do not add it again. */
return NULL;
*list = ms_list_append(*list, candidate);
return candidate;
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