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Fix regression around non-AVPF QCIF calls.

Encoding bit rate was set to 0 kbit/s should the call hadn't AVPF enabled and the video size was QCIF.
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......@@ -505,6 +505,11 @@ static void configure_video_source(VideoStream *stream){
if (vconf.required_bitrate == 0) {
vconf.required_bitrate = ms_factory_get_expected_bandwidth(stream->ms.factory);
ms_message("Encoder current bitrate is 0, using expected bandwidth %i", vconf.required_bitrate);
if (vconf.required_bitrate == 0) {
const MSVideoConfiguration *vconf_list = NULL;
ms_filter_call_method(stream->ms.encoder, MS_VIDEO_ENCODER_GET_CONFIGURATION_LIST, &vconf_list);
vconf = ms_video_find_best_configuration_for_size(vconf_list, vconf.vsize, stream->ms.factory->cpu_count);
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