Commit daa8d61f authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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improve excess sample throwing algo.

parent faded031
......@@ -631,6 +631,10 @@ static void android_snd_write_preprocess(MSFilter *obj){
ad->minBufferFilling = -1;
static int bytes_to_ms(AndroidSndWriteData *ad, int bytes){
return bytes*1000/(2*ad->nchannels*ad->rate);
static void android_snd_write_process(MSFilter *obj){
AndroidSndWriteData *ad=(AndroidSndWriteData*)obj->data;
......@@ -656,8 +660,9 @@ static void android_snd_write_process(MSFilter *obj){
int threshold = (flowControlThresholdMs * ad->nchannels * 2 * ad->rate) / 1000;
//ms_message("Time to flow control: minBufferFilling=%i, threshold=%i",ad->minBufferFilling, threshold);
if (ad->minBufferFilling > threshold) {
int drop=ad->minBufferFilling - threshold;
ms_warning("Too many samples waiting in sound writer, dropping %i bytes", drop);
int drop=ad->minBufferFilling - (threshold/4); //keep a bit in order not to risk an underrun in the next period.
ms_warning("Too many samples waiting in sound writer (minBufferFilling=%i ms, threshold=%i ms), dropping %i ms",
bytes_to_ms(ad,ad->minBufferFilling), bytes_to_ms(ad,threshold), bytes_to_ms(ad,drop));
ms_bufferizer_skip_bytes(&ad->bf, drop);
ad->flowControlStart = obj->ticker->time;
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