Commit e31375fe authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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Fix iOS bluetooth device disconnection issue again.

parent 8f82fe20
......@@ -719,10 +719,8 @@ static void au_audio_session_activated(MSSndCard *obj, bool_t activated) {
if (au_holder.audio_session_activated && activated){
ms_warning("Callkit notifies that AVAudioSession is activated while it was supposed to be already activated. It means that a device disconnection happened.");
/* Do first as if the session was deactivated */
if ([au_holder audio_unit_state] == MSAudioUnitStarted) {
[au_holder recreate_audio_unit];
/* The audio unit has to be re-created. Not documented anywhere but shown by direct experience. */
[au_holder recreate_audio_unit];
[au_holder setAudio_session_activated:activated];
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