Commit e5a4c524 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Add video_stream_get_local_rtp_stats() function.

parent f225ee61
......@@ -388,6 +388,9 @@ MS2_PUBLIC bool_t video_stream_enable_strp(VideoStream* stream, enum ortp_srtp_c
/* if enabled, the display filter will internaly rotate the video, according to the device orientation */
MS2_PUBLIC void video_stream_enable_display_filter_auto_rotate(VideoStream* stream, bool_t enable);
/* retrieve RTP statistics*/
MS2_PUBLIC void video_stream_get_local_rtp_stats(VideoStream *stream, rtp_stats_t *stats);
MS2_PUBLIC int video_stream_set_dscp(VideoStream *stream, int dscp);
......@@ -846,3 +846,10 @@ bool_t video_stream_enable_strp(VideoStream* stream, enum ortp_srtp_crypto_suite
void video_stream_enable_display_filter_auto_rotate(VideoStream* stream, bool_t enable) {
stream->display_filter_auto_rotate_enabled = enable;
void video_stream_get_local_rtp_stats(VideoStream *stream, rtp_stats_t *lstats){
if (stream->session){
const rtp_stats_t *stats=rtp_session_get_stats(stream->session);
}else memset(lstats,0,sizeof(rtp_stats_t));
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