Commit f83a726f authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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fix another thread uncontrolled log

parent 6165da4a
......@@ -410,8 +410,18 @@ static void opensles_recorder_callback(SLAndroidSimpleBufferQueueItf bq, void *c
if (ictx->mTickerSynchronizer == NULL) {
MSFilter *obj = ictx->mFilter;
* ABSOLUTE HORRIBLE HACK. We temporarily disable logs to prevent ms_ticker_set_time_func() to output a debug log.
* This is horrible because this also suspends logs for all concurrent threads during these two lines of code.
* Possible way to do better:
* 1) understand why AudioRecord thread doesn't detach.
* 2) disable logs just for this thread (using a TLS)
int loglevel=ortp_get_log_level_mask();
ictx->mTickerSynchronizer = ms_ticker_synchronizer_new();
ms_ticker_set_time_func(obj->ticker, (uint64_t (*)(void*))ms_ticker_synchronizer_get_corrected_time, ictx->mTickerSynchronizer);
ms_ticker_set_time_func(obj->ticker,(uint64_t (*)(void*))ms_ticker_synchronizer_get_corrected_time, ictx->mTickerSynchronizer);
ictx->read_samples += ictx->inBufSize / sizeof(int16_t);
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