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    - Add Media Foundation filter · 5d281d72
    Julien Wadel authored
    - rewrite frame format for hot updates
    - Unblock stopping process
    - Compute the frame on each device samples, remove raw buffer copy.
    - Add a Media configuration selection to fit parameters
    - Add a last step to unsure switching media configuration that lead to restart the device if it cannot be done without it.
    - Add a sample counter to check on log the device behaviour
    Check that SurfaceTexture isn't null before trying to create a Surface from it
    Fixed context leak in CaptureTextureView.java
    - Add Libyuv support
    - Clean Media Foundation filter
    - Add support for MJPG
    - Add interface on MSBufAllocator
    - Upgrade nowebcam API for C++
    - Fix jpeg2yuv convertion to take account on undefined sizes and manage decompression on warning
    - Add turbojpeg decoder
    - Fix find package syntax
    - Clean unused variables
    move extern in block
    Set target property to no be position independent with libyuv when gcc version is not enough high
    Fix memory leak in msturbojpeg