Commit 0190b1c3 authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez

Fix a bug concerning the MS_PLAYER_GET_CURRENT_POSITION method of the MKVPlayer filter

parent 73ac0e72
......@@ -2463,7 +2463,7 @@ static int player_get_current_position(MSFilter *f, void *arg) {
ms_error("MKVPlayer: cannot get current duration. No file is open");
goto fail;
*(int *)arg = (int)(((uint64_t)matroska_block_get_timestamp(&obj->file)) * (uint64_t)matroska_get_timecode_scale(&obj->file)) / 1000000UL;
*(int *)arg = matroska_block_get_timestamp(&obj->file);
return 0;
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