Commit 0d55518c authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

Ice improvements/fixes:

* Send keepalives on succeeded pairs to give them a chance to continue to work despite of other connectivity checks running with other pairs
* Nominate another valid pair when the one that was nominated fails.
parent c5aebb70
......@@ -198,6 +198,7 @@ typedef struct _IceCandidatePair {
bool_t is_nominated; /**< Boolean value telling whether this candidate pair is nominated or not */
bool_t nomination_pending; /** Boolean value telling whether this candidate pair was nominated by the remote (in controlled mode), but we could not yet complete the check*/
bool_t has_canceled_transaction; /**< Boolean value telling that the pair has a cancelled transaction, see RFC5245 Triggered Checks */
bool_t nomination_failing; /**<Boolean that indicates that this pair was nominated but it is apparently failing because no response is received.*/
bool_t retry_with_dummy_message_integrity; /** use to tell to retry with dummy message integrity. Useful to keep backward compatibility with older version*/
bool_t use_dummy_hmac; /*don't compute real hmac. used for backward compatibility*/
} IceCandidatePair;
......@@ -215,6 +216,7 @@ typedef struct _IcePairFoundation {
typedef struct _IceValidCandidatePair {
IceCandidatePair *valid; /**< Pointer to a valid candidate pair (it may be in the check list or not */
IceCandidatePair *generated_from; /**< Pointer to the candidate pair that generated the connectivity check producing the valid candidate pair */
MSTimeSpec last_keepalive; /**< Time at which last keepalive was sent*/
bool_t selected; /**< Boolean value telling whether this valid candidate pair has been selected or not */
} IceValidCandidatePair;
......@@ -51,6 +51,7 @@ Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#define ICE_GATHERING_CANDIDATES_TIMEOUT 5000 /* In milliseconds */
#define ICE_NOMINATION_DELAY 1000 /* In milliseconds */
......@@ -157,6 +158,7 @@ static void ice_check_list_remove_stun_server_request(IceCheckList *cl, UInt96 *
static IceStunServerRequest * ice_check_list_get_stun_server_request(IceCheckList *cl, UInt96 *tr_id);
static void ice_transport_address_to_printable_ip_address(const IceTransportAddress *taddr, char *printable_ip, size_t printable_ip_size);
static void ice_stun_server_request_add_transaction(IceStunServerRequest *request, IceStunServerRequestTransaction *transaction);
static void ice_check_list_perform_nominations(IceCheckList *cl, bool_t nomination_delay_expired);
#if 0
static int ice_session_connectivity_checks_duration(IceSession *session);
......@@ -1465,6 +1467,15 @@ static void ice_send_binding_request(IceCheckList *cl, IceCandidatePair *pair, c
/* This is a retransmission: update the number of retransmissions, the retransmission timer value, and the transmission time. */
if (cl->session->role == IR_Controlling && pair->use_candidate && !pair->nomination_failing && pair->retransmissions > ICE_MAX_RETRANSMISSIONS_FOR_NOMINATIONS){
/*The nomination process is abnormally long: possibly the nat association has been accidentally closed by the media stream.
* Nominate an alternate pair if possible*/
pair->nomination_failing = TRUE;
cl->nomination_in_progress = FALSE;
ice_check_list_perform_nominations(cl, FALSE);
/*Despite we've started a new nomination, we continue the retransmissions for that pair, in case a response is finally received.*/
if (pair->retransmissions > ICE_MAX_RETRANSMISSIONS) {
/* Too much retransmissions, stop sending connectivity checks for this pair. */
ice_pair_set_state(pair, ICP_Failed);
......@@ -1767,12 +1778,30 @@ static void ice_send_keepalive_packet_for_componentID(const uint16_t *componentI
static void ice_send_keepalive_packets(IceCheckList *cl, const RtpSession *rtp_session)
static void ice_check_keep_alive_on_valid_pair(IceValidCandidatePair *valid, RtpSession *rtp_session, const MSTimeSpec *curtime){
if (ice_compare_time(*curtime, valid->last_keepalive) >= 3000){
ice_send_indication(valid->valid, rtp_session);
valid->last_keepalive = *curtime;
static void ice_send_keepalive_packets(IceCheckList *cl, RtpSession *rtp_session)
CheckList_RtpSession cr; = cl;
cr.rtp_session = rtp_session;
bctbx_list_for_each2(cl->local_componentIDs, (void (*)(void*,void*))ice_send_keepalive_packet_for_componentID, &cr);
if (cl->state == ICL_Completed){ = cl;
cr.rtp_session = rtp_session;
bctbx_list_for_each2(cl->local_componentIDs, (void (*)(void*,void*))ice_send_keepalive_packet_for_componentID, &cr);
}else if (cl->state == ICL_Running){
bctbx_list_t *elem;
MSTimeSpec curtime;
/*refresh pairs on the valid list, to keep them alive until conclusion*/
for (elem = cl->valid_list ; elem != NULL ; elem = elem->next){
IceValidCandidatePair *valid = (IceValidCandidatePair*)elem->data;
ice_check_keep_alive_on_valid_pair(valid, rtp_session, &curtime);
static int ice_find_candidate_from_transport_address(const IceCandidate *candidate, const IceTransportAddress *taddr)
......@@ -2049,17 +2078,47 @@ static IceCandidatePair * ice_trigger_connectivity_check_on_binding_request(IceC
return pair;
static IceCandidatePair *ice_lookup_possible_valid_pair(const IceCheckList *cl, IceCandidatePair *pair){
const bctbx_list_t *elem;
for (elem = cl->valid_list; elem != NULL; elem = elem->next){
IceValidCandidatePair *valid = (IceValidCandidatePair*) elem->data;
if (pair == valid->valid){
return pair;
if (pair->remote->type == ICT_RelayedCandidate){
/* If the remote candidate of the pair is a relay, we'll find its corresponding peer-reflexive candidate pair in the valid list,
* but not the pair directly.*/
if (valid->generated_from == pair){
ms_message("ice: found the peer-reflexive peer corresponding to the candidate pair on which the binding request was received.");
return valid->valid; /*return the peer reflexive candidate pair*/
return NULL;
/* Update the nominated flag of a candidate pair according to */
static void ice_update_nominated_flag_on_binding_request(const IceCheckList *cl, const MSStunMessage *msg, IceCandidatePair *pair)
if (ms_stun_message_use_candidate_enabled(msg) && (cl->session->role == IR_Controlled)) {
IceCandidatePair *valid = ice_lookup_possible_valid_pair(cl, pair);
switch (pair->state) {
case ICP_Succeeded:
pair->is_nominated = TRUE;
if (valid){
valid->is_nominated = TRUE;
ms_message("ice: receiving a binding request with nominated flag on succeeded pair");
ms_warning("ice: receiving a binding request with nominated flag on succeeded pair that is not in the valid list.");
pair->is_nominated = TRUE;
case ICP_Waiting:
case ICP_Frozen:
case ICP_InProgress:
/*Normally valid should be null if go here*/
ms_message("ice: receiving a binding request with nominated flag on non-succeeded pair");
pair->nomination_pending = TRUE; /*We cannot accept the nomination immediately. We will wait for our pair to complete its bind requests, and then
the pair will be officially nominated*/
......@@ -2068,6 +2127,7 @@ static void ice_update_nominated_flag_on_binding_request(const IceCheckList *cl,
static void ice_handle_received_binding_request(IceCheckList *cl, RtpSession *rtp_session, const OrtpEventData *evt_data, const MSStunMessage *msg, const MSStunAddress *remote_addr) {
......@@ -2212,6 +2272,7 @@ static IceCandidatePair * ice_construct_valid_pair(IceCheckList *cl, RtpSession
valid_pair = ms_new0(IceValidCandidatePair, 1);
valid_pair->valid = pair;
valid_pair->generated_from = succeeded_pair;
ms_get_cur_time(&valid_pair->last_keepalive); /*initialize the origin of keepalives*/
valid_pair->selected = FALSE;
memset(local_addr_str, 0, sizeof(local_addr_str));
memset(remote_addr_str, 0, sizeof(remote_addr_str));
......@@ -3512,7 +3573,6 @@ static void ice_check_list_nominate(IceCheckList *cl, const bctbx_list_t *best_v
static void ice_check_list_perform_nominations(IceCheckList *cl, bool_t nomination_delay_expired){
const bctbx_list_t *comp_it;
bctbx_list_t *valid_it = NULL;
bctbx_list_t *best_valid_list = NULL;
bool_t concludable = TRUE;
bool_t need_more_time = FALSE;
......@@ -3522,21 +3582,38 @@ static void ice_check_list_perform_nominations(IceCheckList *cl, bool_t nominati
for (comp_it = cl->local_componentIDs; comp_it != NULL; comp_it = comp_it->next){
IceValidCandidatePair *valid_pair;
bctbx_list_t *valid_it = NULL;
bctbx_list_t *valid_list = NULL;
uint16_t componentID = *(const uint16_t *)comp_it->data;
valid_it = ice_get_valid_pairs_for_componentID(cl, componentID);
if (valid_it == NULL){
valid_list = ice_get_valid_pairs_for_componentID(cl, componentID);
if (valid_list == NULL){
ms_message("ice_check_list_perform_nominations(cl=%p): no valid pairs yet for componentID %i", cl, (int)componentID);
concludable = FALSE;
valid_pair = (IceValidCandidatePair*) valid_it->data;
if (valid_pair->generated_from->remote->type == ICT_RelayedCandidate){
need_more_time = TRUE;
/* Normally the first element in the list is the best one to nominate.
* However if nomination is failing, we'll nominate the next one and so one.
for (valid_it = valid_list; valid_it != NULL ; valid_it = valid_it->next){
valid_pair = (IceValidCandidatePair*) valid_it->data;
if (valid_pair->generated_from->nomination_failing){
ms_message("ice_check_list_perform_nominations(): a nominated pair is not responding");
if (valid_it){
valid_pair = (IceValidCandidatePair*) valid_it->data;
if (valid_pair->generated_from->remote->type == ICT_RelayedCandidate){
need_more_time = TRUE;
best_valid_list = bctbx_list_append(best_valid_list, valid_pair);
if (valid_pair->generated_from->use_candidate == FALSE) nominations_to_do++;
ms_warning("ice_check_list_perform_nominations(cl=%p): no more pair to nominate for componentID %i", cl, (int)componentID);
best_valid_list = bctbx_list_append(best_valid_list, valid_pair);
if (valid_pair->generated_from->use_candidate == FALSE) nominations_to_do++;
if (concludable && nominations_to_do > 0){
ms_message("ice_check_list_perform_nominations(): check list is concludable.");
......@@ -4023,7 +4100,7 @@ void ice_check_list_process(IceCheckList *cl, RtpSession *rtp_session)
switch (cl->state) {
case ICL_Completed:
/* Handle keepalive. */
/* Handle keepalives when check list has completed - long periods */
if (ice_compare_time(curtime, cl->keepalive_time) >= (cl->session->keepalive_timeout * 1000)) {
ice_send_keepalive_packets(cl, rtp_session);
cl->keepalive_time = curtime;
......@@ -4036,6 +4113,8 @@ void ice_check_list_process(IceCheckList *cl, RtpSession *rtp_session)
if (ice_check_list_send_triggered_check(cl, rtp_session) != NULL) return;
case ICL_Running:
/* Handle keepalives when check list is running, sent only on succeeded pair, to keep them alive until we conclude. */
ice_send_keepalive_packets(cl, rtp_session);
#if 0
/* Workaround to stop ICE if it has not finished after 5 seconds. */
/* TODO: To remove */
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