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......@@ -95,10 +95,16 @@ enum _MSFilterCategory{
typedef enum _MSFilterCategory MSFilterCategory;
* Filter's flags controlling special behaviours.
enum _MSFilterFlags{
MS_FILTER_IS_PUMP = 1 /**< The filter must be called in process function every tick.*/
* Filter's flags controlling special behaviours.
typedef enum _MSFilterFlags MSFilterFlags;
......@@ -111,20 +117,20 @@ struct _MSFilterStats{
typedef struct _MSFilterStats MSFilterStats;
struct _MSFilterDesc{
MSFilterId id; /* the id declared in allfilters.h */
const char *name; /* filter name */
const char *text; /*some descriptive text*/
MSFilterCategory category;
const char *enc_fmt; /* must be set if MS_FILTER_ENCODER/MS_FILTER_DECODER */
int ninputs; /*number of inputs */
int noutputs; /*number of outputs */
MSFilterFunc init;
MSFilterFunc preprocess; /* called once before processing */
MSFilterFunc process; /* called every tick to do the filter's job*/
MSFilterFunc postprocess; /*called once after processing */
MSFilterFunc uninit;
MSFilterMethod *methods;
unsigned int flags;
MSFilterId id; /**< the id declared in allfilters.h */
const char *name; /**< the filter name*/
const char *text; /**< short text describing the filter's function*/
MSFilterCategory category; /**< filter's category*/
const char *enc_fmt; /**< sub-mime of the format, must be set if category is MS_FILTER_ENCODER or MS_FILTER_DECODER */
int ninputs; /**< number of inputs */
int noutputs; /**< number of outputs */
MSFilterFunc init; /**< Filter's init function*/
MSFilterFunc preprocess; /**< Filter's preprocess function, called one time before starting to process*/
MSFilterFunc process; /**< Filter's process function, called every tick by the MSTicker to do the filter's job*/
MSFilterFunc postprocess; /**< Filter's postprocess function, called once after processing (the filter is no longer called in process() after)*/
MSFilterFunc uninit; /**< Filter's uninit function, used to deallocate internal structures*/
MSFilterMethod *methods; /**<Filter's method table*/
unsigned int flags; /**<Filter's special flags, from the MSFilterFlags enum.*/
......@@ -134,15 +140,15 @@ struct _MSFilterDesc{
typedef struct _MSFilterDesc MSFilterDesc;
struct _MSFilter{
MSFilterDesc *desc;
MSFilterDesc *desc; /**<Back pointer to filter's descriptor.*/
/*protected attributes */
ms_mutex_t lock;
MSQueue **inputs;
MSQueue **outputs;
MSQueue **inputs; /**<Table of input queues.*/
MSQueue **outputs;/**<Table of output queues */
MSFilterNotifyFunc notify;
void *notify_ud;
void *data;
struct _MSTicker *ticker;
void *data; /**<Pointer used by the filter for internal state and computations.*/
struct _MSTicker *ticker; /**<Pointer to the ticker object. It is not NULL when being called process()*/
/*private attributes */
uint32_t last_tick;
MSFilterStats *stats;
......@@ -151,14 +157,14 @@ struct _MSFilter{
* Structure to create/link/unlink/destroy filter's object.
* Structure of filter's object.
* @var MSFilter
typedef struct _MSFilter MSFilter;
struct _MSConnectionPoint{
MSFilter *filter;
int pin;
MSFilter *filter; /**<Pointer to filter*/
int pin; /**<Pin index on the filter*/
......@@ -496,9 +502,18 @@ the method index (_cnt_) and the argument size */
#define MS_FILTER_METHOD_ID(_id_,_cnt_,_argsize_) \
( (((unsigned long)(_id_)) & 0xFFFF)<<16 | (_cnt_<<8) | (_argsize_ & 0xFF ))
* Macro to create a method id, unique per filter.
* First argument shall be the filter's ID (MSFilterId) or interface ID (MSFilterInterfaceId).
* Second argument is the method index within the context of the filter. It should start from 0 and increment for each new method.
* Third argument is the argument type of the method, for example "int", "float" or any structure.
#define MS_FILTER_METHOD(_id_,_count_,_argtype_) \
* Same as MS_FILTER_METHOD, but for method that do not take any argument.
#define MS_FILTER_METHOD_NO_ARG(_id_,_count_) \
......@@ -548,21 +563,30 @@ the method index (_cnt_) and the argument size */
/**Filters can return their latency in milliseconds (if known) using this method:*/
* Interface IDs, used to generate method names (see MS_FILTER_METHOD macro).
* The purpose of these interfaces is to allow different filter implementations to share the same methods, by implementing the method definitions for these interfaces.
* For example every video encoder implementation would need a method to request the generation of a key frame. Instead of having each implementation defining its own method to do this,
* each implementation can just implement the MS_VIDEO_ENCODER_REQ_VFU method of the MSFilterVideoEncoderInterface.
enum _MSFilterInterfaceId{
MSFilterPlayerInterface, /**<Player interface, used to control playing of files.*/
MSFilterRecorderInterface,/**<Recorder interface, used to control recording of stream into files.*/
MSFilterVideoDisplayInterface,/**<Video display interface, used to control the rendering of raw pictures onscreen.*/
MSFilterEchoCancellerInterface,/**Echo canceller interface, used to control echo canceller implementations.*/
MSFilterVideoDecoderInterface,/**<Video decoder interface*/
MSFilterVideoCaptureInterface,/**<Video capture interface*/
MSFilterDecoderInterface,/**<Decoder interface*/
MSFilterVideoEncoderInterface,/**<Video encoder interface*/
MSFilterAudioCaptureInterface,/**<Interface for audio capture filters*/
MSFilterAudioPlaybackInterface,/**Interface for audio playback filters.*/
* Interface IDs, used to generate method names (see MS_FILTER_METHOD macro).
typedef enum _MSFilterInterfaceId MSFilterInterfaceId;
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