Commit 2e517ea1 authored by Sandrine Avakian's avatar Sandrine Avakian

Fix size_t in Mac Os.

parent 1df9f850
......@@ -401,8 +401,8 @@ static bool_t stateful_analyzer_process_rtcp(MSQosAnalyzer *objbase, mblk_t *rtc
obj->rtcpstatspoint = ms_list_remove_custom(obj->rtcpstatspoint,
(MSCompareFunc)earlier_than, &clear_time);
ms_message("MSStatefulQosAnalyzer[%p]: reached list maximum capacity "
"(count=%d) --> Cleaned list (count=%d)",
obj, prev_size, ms_list_size(obj->rtcpstatspoint));
"(count=%d) --> Cleaned list (count=%u)",
obj, prev_size,(unsigned int) ms_list_size(obj->rtcpstatspoint));
return TRUE;
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