Commit 36213e70 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY

Set picture format when changing camera with a source that performs encoding.

parent 83544756
......@@ -1000,6 +1000,10 @@ static void _video_stream_change_camera(VideoStream *stream, MSWebCam *cam, MSFi
profile = rtp_session_get_profile(stream->ms.sessions.rtp_session);
payload = rtp_session_get_send_payload_type(stream->ms.sessions.rtp_session);
pt = rtp_profile_get_payload(profile, payload);
if (stream->source_performs_encoding == TRUE) {
MSPixFmt format = mime_type_to_pix_format(pt->mime_type);
ms_filter_call_method(stream->source, MS_FILTER_SET_PIX_FMT, &format);
if (pt->normal_bitrate > 0){
apply_bitrate_limit(stream ,pt);
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