Commit 36a07f38 authored by johan's avatar johan

Start ZRTP on incoming Hello packet even if ZRTP was not selected locally

+fix compile bug when ZRTP is not available
parent 2abbb7ae
......@@ -344,6 +344,11 @@ static int ms_zrtp_rtp_process_on_receive(struct _RtpTransportModifier *t, mblk_
// display received message
ms_message("ZRTP Receive packet type %.8s on rtp session [%p]", rtp+16, t->session);
// check if the ZRTP channel is started, if not(ZRTP not set on our side but incoming zrtp packets), start it
if (bzrtp_getChannelStatus(zrtpContext, userData->self_ssrc) == BZRTP_CHANNEL_INITIALISED) {
bzrtp_startChannelEngine(zrtpContext, userData->self_ssrc);
// send ZRTP packet to engine
bzrtp_processMessage(zrtpContext, userData->self_ssrc, rtp, msgLength);
return 0;
......@@ -587,9 +592,13 @@ int ms_zrtp_channel_start(MSZrtpContext *ctx) {
int retval;
ms_message("Starting ZRTP engine on rtp session [%p] ssrc 0x%x",ctx->stream_sessions->rtp_session, ctx->self_ssrc);
if ((retval = bzrtp_startChannelEngine(ctx->zrtpContext, ctx->self_ssrc)) != 0) {
ms_message("Unable to start ZRTP channel, %x", retval);
/* remap some error code */
ms_message("ZRTP channel already started");
} else {
ms_message("Unable to start ZRTP channel, error code %x", retval);
return retval;
......@@ -636,11 +645,12 @@ MSZrtpContext* ms_zrtp_context_new(MSMediaStreamSessions *sessions, MSZrtpParams
return NULL;
MSZrtpContext* ms_zrtp_multistream_new(MSMediaStreamSessions *sessions, MSZrtpContext* activeContext, MSZrtpParams *params) {
MSZrtpContext* ms_zrtp_multistream_new(MSMediaStreamSessions *sessions, MSZrtpContext* activeContext) {
ms_message("ZRTP is disabled - not adding stream");
return NULL;
int ms_zrtp_channel_start(MSZrtpContext *ctx) { return 0;}
bool_t ms_zrtp_available(){return FALSE;}
void ms_zrtp_sas_verified(MSZrtpContext* ctx){}
void ms_zrtp_sas_reset_verified(MSZrtpContext* ctx){}
......@@ -649,6 +659,8 @@ void ms_zrtp_reset_transmition_timer(MSZrtpContext* ctx) {};
int ms_zrtp_transport_modifier_new(MSZrtpContext* ctx, RtpTransportModifier **rtpt, RtpTransportModifier **rtcpt ) {return 0;}
void ms_zrtp_transport_modifier_destroy(RtpTransportModifier *tp) {}
void ms_zrtp_set_stream_sessions(MSZrtpContext *zrtp_context, MSMediaStreamSessions *stream_sessions) {}
int ms_zrtp_getHelloHash(MSZrtpContext* ctx, uint8_t *output, size_t outputLength) {return 0;}
int ms_zrtp_setPeerHelloHash(MSZrtpContext *ctx, uint8_t *peerHelloHashHexString, size_t peerHelloHashHexStringLength) {return 0;}
#define STRING_COMPARE_RETURN(string, value)\
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