bc_tester: fix autoassignment bug

parent 1030c33e
......@@ -446,9 +446,9 @@ void bc_tester_init(void (*ftester_printf)(int level, const char *format, va_lis
bc_tester_writable_dir_prefix = strdup(".");
void bc_tester_set_max_vm(long max_vm_kb) {
void bc_tester_set_max_vm(long amax_vm_kb) {
#ifdef __linux
max_vm_kb = max_vm_kb;
max_vm_kb = amax_vm_kb;
bc_tester_printf(bc_printf_verbosity_info, "Maximum virtual memory space set to %li kilo bytes", max_vm_kb);
bc_tester_printf(bc_printf_verbosity_error, "Maximum virtual memory space setting is only implemented on Linux.");
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