Commit 51d3c20b authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

fix memory leak when using some yuv camera on windows and linux

parent def1a7c1
mediastreamer2-2.9.1: June 17, 2013
* Fix memory leak with some video cameras on windows.
mediastreamer2-2.9.0: May 27, 2013
* Add support of ICE (RFC 5245).
* Split the libmediastreamer library in two libraries: libmediastreamer_base and
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
AC_MSG_NOTICE([$PACKAGE_NAME-$PACKAGE_VERSION A mediastreaming library for telephony application.])
AC_MSG_NOTICE([licensed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL)])
......@@ -212,6 +212,9 @@ MS2_PUBLIC int ms_yuv_buf_init_from_mblk(MSPicture *buf, mblk_t *m);
MS2_PUBLIC int ms_yuv_buf_init_from_mblk_with_size(MSPicture *buf, mblk_t *m, int w, int h);
MS2_PUBLIC int ms_picture_init_from_mblk_with_size(MSPicture *buf, mblk_t *m, MSPixFmt fmt, int w, int h);
MS2_PUBLIC mblk_t * ms_yuv_buf_alloc(MSPicture *buf, int w, int h);
/* Allocates a video mblk_t with supplied width and height, the pixels being contained in an external buffer.
The returned mblk_t points to the external buffer, which is not copied, nor ref'd: the reference is simply transfered to the returned mblk_t*/
MS2_PUBLIC mblk_t * ms_yuv_buf_alloc_from_buffer(int w, int h, mblk_t* buffer);
MS2_PUBLIC void ms_yuv_buf_copy(uint8_t *src_planes[], const int src_strides[],
uint8_t *dst_planes[], const int dst_strides[3], MSVideoSize roi);
......@@ -132,8 +132,6 @@ mblk_t* ms_yuv_buf_alloc_from_buffer(int w, int h, mblk_t* buffer) {
msg->b_wptr += header_size;
// append real image buffer
msg->b_cont = buffer;
return msg;
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