add ifdef DEBUG preprocessor macro for debug variables

parent b1baa287
......@@ -289,8 +289,10 @@ static int stateful_qos_analyzer_get_total_emitted(const MSStatefulQosAnalyzer *
static double stateful_qos_analyzer_upload_bandwidth(MSStatefulQosAnalyzer *obj){
#ifdef DEBUG
double up_bw=rtp_session_get_send_bandwidth(obj->session)/1000.0;
if (obj->upload_bandwidth_count){
......@@ -359,8 +361,9 @@ static bool_t stateful_analyzer_process_rtcp(MSQosAnalyzer *objbase, mblk_t *rtc
obj, obj->curindex-2, obj->latest->bandwidth, obj->latest->loss_percent);
if (ms_list_size(obj->rtcpstatspoint) > ESTIM_HISTORY){
#ifdef DEBUG
int prev_size = ms_list_size(obj->rtcpstatspoint);
/*clean everything which occurred 60 sec or more ago*/
time_t clear_time = ms_time(0) - 60;
obj->rtcpstatspoint = ms_list_remove_custom(obj->rtcpstatspoint, (MSCompareFunc)earlier_than, &clear_time);
......@@ -444,14 +447,15 @@ static float compute_available_bw(MSStatefulQosAnalyzer *obj){
/*suppose that first point is a reliable estimation of the constant network loss rate*/
constant_network_loss = ((rtcpstatspoint_t *)obj->rtcpstatspoint->data)->loss_percent;
ms_debug("MSQosStatefulAnalyzer[%p]:\tconstant_network_loss=%f", obj, constant_network_loss);
#ifdef DEBUG
for (it = obj->rtcpstatspoint; it != NULL; it=it->next){
rtcpstatspoint_t * point = (rtcpstatspoint_t *)it->data;
ms_debug("MSQosStatefulAnalyzer[%p]:\t\tsorted values %d: %f %f",
obj, ms_list_position(obj->rtcpstatspoint, it), point->bandwidth, point->loss_percent);
if (size == 1){
ms_debug("MSQosStatefulAnalyzer[%p]: One single point", obj);
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