Commit 981a8650 authored by Julien Wadel's avatar Julien Wadel

Add a reference on sound card when copying list to let the manager unreference it later.

parent 78695a3d
......@@ -224,6 +224,7 @@ void ms_snd_card_manager_prepend_cards(MSSndCardManager *m, bctbx_list_t *l) {
else m->cards = lcopy;
for (elem = l; elem != NULL; elem = elem->next) {
MSSndCard *card = (MSSndCard *)elem->data;
ms_snd_card_ref(card);// Add a ref for the copy
ms_snd_card_set_manager(m, card);
ms_message("Card '%s' added", ms_snd_card_get_string_id(card));
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