add ms_qos_analyzer_get_name method returning name of the qos analyzer used

parent 9c9d8804
......@@ -117,6 +117,7 @@ void ms_qos_analyzer_suggest_action(MSQosAnalyzer *obj, MSRateControlAction *act
bool_t ms_qos_analyzer_has_improved(MSQosAnalyzer *obj);
bool_t ms_qos_analyzer_process_rtcp(MSQosAnalyzer *obj, mblk_t *rtcp);
void ms_qos_analyzer_update(MSQosAnalyzer *obj);
const char* ms_qos_analyzer_get_name(MSQosAnalyzer *obj);
void ms_qos_analyzer_set_on_action_suggested(MSQosAnalyzer *obj, void (*on_action_suggested)(void*,int,const char**),void* u);
......@@ -73,6 +73,14 @@ void ms_qos_analyser_set_label(MSQosAnalyzer *obj, const char *label){
if (label) obj->label=ms_strdup(label);
const char* ms_qos_analyzer_get_name(MSQosAnalyzer *obj){
switch (obj->type){
case Simple: return "Simple";
case Stateful: return "Stateful";
default: return "Unknown";
MSQosAnalyzer *ms_qos_analyzer_ref(MSQosAnalyzer *obj){
return obj;
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