Commit bc1180d7 authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩

Fixed crash

parent cdaff87a
......@@ -263,7 +263,7 @@ const char *video_stream_get_default_video_renderer(void){
static void choose_display_name(VideoStream *stream){
#if defined(__ANDROID__)
MSDevicesInfo *devices = ms_factory_get_devices_info(ms_factory_get_fallback());
MSDevicesInfo *devices = ms_factory_get_devices_info(stream->ms.factory);
SoundDeviceDescription *description = ms_devices_info_get_sound_device_description(devices);
if (description->flags & DEVICE_HAS_CRAPPY_OPENGL)
stream->display_name = ms_strdup("MSAndroidDisplay");
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