Commit dcadb7e8 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY

Calculate average round trip time during ICE gathering.

parent ee063141
......@@ -114,12 +114,18 @@ typedef struct _IceSession {
MSTimeSpec gathering_end_ts;
} IceSession;
typedef struct _IceStunServerCheckTransaction {
UInt96 transactionID;
MSTimeSpec request_time;
MSTimeSpec response_time;
} IceStunServerCheckTransaction;
typedef struct _IceStunServerCheck {
ortp_socket_t sock;
int srcport;
UInt96 transactionID;
MSTimeSpec transmission_time;
uint8_t nb_transmissions;
MSList *transactions; /**< List of IceStunServerCheckTransaction structures. */
MSTimeSpec next_transmission_time;
bool_t responded;
} IceStunServerCheck;
......@@ -438,6 +444,14 @@ MS2_PUBLIC void ice_session_gather_candidates(IceSession *session, struct sockad
MS2_PUBLIC int ice_session_gathering_duration(IceSession *session);
* Tell the average round trip time during the gathering process for an ICE session in ms.
* @param session A pointer to a session
* @return -1 if gathering has not been run, the average round trip time in ms otherwise.
MS2_PUBLIC int ice_session_average_gathering_round_trip_time(IceSession *session);
* Select ICE candidates that will be used and notified in the SDP.
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