Commit ecc31008 authored by Mickaël Turnel's avatar Mickaël Turnel

Fix wrong return type

parent 6f2dcbe6
......@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ public:
return ret;
bool isTimeToSend(uint64_t ticker_time);
bool_t isTimeToSend(uint64_t ticker_time);
MSVideoSize getVSize(){
if (!_ready) createDshowGraph(); /* so that _vsize is updated according to hardware capabilities*/
return _vsize;
......@@ -531,7 +531,7 @@ void DSCapture::stopAndClean(){
bool DSCapture::isTimeToSend(uint64_t ticker_time){
bool_t DSCapture::isTimeToSend(uint64_t ticker_time){
return ms_video_capture_new_frame(&framerate_controller, ticker_time);
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