Commit 5ee74b0a authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez Committed by Simon Morlat

Adds a log message to notify that AVPF mode has been enabled in OpenH264

parent 7577c357
......@@ -241,6 +241,7 @@ static int msopenh264_enc_notify_fir(MSFilter *f, void *arg) {
static int msopenh264_enc_enable_avpf(MSFilter *f, void *arg) {
MSOpenH264Encoder *e = static_cast<MSOpenH264Encoder *>(f->data);
ms_message("%s: %s AVPF", f->desc->name, *(bool_t *)arg ? "enabling" : "disabling");
e->enableAVPF(*((bool_t *)arg) ? true : false);
return 0;
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