Fix SDK copying by using absolute path

parent 748a6b09
silk_version = 1.0.9
silk_extracted_directory = SILK_SDK_SRC_v$(silk_version)
silk_flavour_dir = SILK_SDK_SRC_$(SILK_FLAVOUR)_v$(silk_version)
silk_src_dir = $(silk_extracted_directory)/$(silk_flavour_dir)
silk_src_dir = $(build_dir)/$(silk_extracted_directory)/$(silk_flavour_dir)
silk_lib = libSKP_SILK_SDK.a
# For some reason a directory target with no dependency is never executed..
# Hence, this empty task 'silk_src_dir_echo' fixes the issue.
$(silk_src_dir): silk_src_dir_echo
mkdir -p $(silk_extracted_directory)
cp -r $(srcdir)/$(silk_src_dir) $(silk_extracted_directory)
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