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change a bit the way Registration failures are notified.

git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// 3f6dc0c8-ddfe-455d-9043-3cd528dc4637
parent 91fb61a6
......@@ -362,10 +362,12 @@ void linphone_process_authentication(LinphoneCore *lc, eXosip_event_t *ev)
osip_www_authenticate_t *www_auth;
osip_message_t *resp=ev->response;
char *username;
if (strcmp(ev->request->sip_method,"REGISTER")==0) {
gstate_new_state(lc, GSTATE_REG_FAILED, "Authentication required");
......@@ -624,6 +624,9 @@ void linphone_proxy_config_process_authentication_failure(LinphoneCore *lc, eXos
LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg=linphone_core_get_proxy_config_from_rid(lc, ev->rid);
if (cfg){
if (strcmp(ev->request->sip_method,"REGISTER")==0) {
gstate_new_state(lc, GSTATE_REG_FAILED, "Authentication failed.");
/*restart a new register so that the user gets a chance to be prompted for a password*/
if (cfg->auth_failures==1){
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