Commit 17b323f0 authored by Frédéric Boiteux's avatar Frédéric Boiteux Committed by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer

Use ntohl() in sender_info_get_rtp_timestamp() for consistency

with other send_info_get*() functions.
parent 0e6cef44
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ static ORTP_INLINE uint64_t sender_info_get_ntp_timestamp(const sender_info_t *s
return ((((uint64_t)ntohl(si->ntp_timestamp_msw)) << 32) +
((uint64_t) ntohl(si->ntp_timestamp_lsw)));
#define sender_info_get_rtp_timestamp(si) ((si)->rtp_timestamp)
#define sender_info_get_rtp_timestamp(si) ntohl((si)->rtp_timestamp)
#define sender_info_get_packet_count(si) \
#define sender_info_get_octet_count(si) \
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