Commit 1bfe38b8 authored by Guillaume BIENKOWSKI's avatar Guillaume BIENKOWSKI

Finish size_t migration in str_utils.c

parent a5d9704f
......@@ -123,10 +123,10 @@ ORTP_PUBLIC mblk_t *dupb(mblk_t *m);
ORTP_PUBLIC mblk_t *dupmsg(mblk_t* m);
/* returns the size of data of a message */
ORTP_PUBLIC int msgdsize(const mblk_t *mp);
ORTP_PUBLIC size_t msgdsize(const mblk_t *mp);
/* concatenates all fragment of a complex message*/
ORTP_PUBLIC void msgpullup(mblk_t *mp,int len);
ORTP_PUBLIC void msgpullup(mblk_t *mp,size_t len);
/* duplicates a single message, but with buffer included */
ORTP_PUBLIC mblk_t *copyb(mblk_t *mp);
......@@ -222,17 +222,17 @@ void flushq(queue_t *q, int how)
int msgdsize(const mblk_t *mp)
size_t msgdsize(const mblk_t *mp)
int msgsize=0;
size_t msgsize=0;
msgsize+=(int) (mp->b_wptr-mp->b_rptr);
msgsize+=(size_t) (mp->b_wptr-mp->b_rptr);
return msgsize;
void msgpullup(mblk_t *mp,int len)
void msgpullup(mblk_t *mp,size_t len)
mblk_t *firstm=mp;
dblk_t *db;
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