Commit 27753465 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

improve accuracy of loss rate simulator in burst mode

parent 672d511d
......@@ -202,19 +202,19 @@ static mblk_t *simulate_bandwidth_limit_and_jitter(RtpSession *session, mblk_t *
static mblk_t *simulate_loss_rate(OrtpNetworkSimulatorCtx *net_sim_ctx, mblk_t *input){
int rrate;
float loss_rate=net_sim_ctx->params.loss_rate;
float loss_rate=net_sim_ctx->params.loss_rate*10.0;
/*in order to simulate bursts of dropped packets, take into account a different probability after a loss occured*/
if (net_sim_ctx->consecutive_drops>0){
rrate = ortp_random() % 101;
rrate = ortp_random() % 1000;
if (rrate >= loss_rate) {
if (net_sim_ctx->consecutive_drops){
/*after a burst of lost packets*/
net_sim_ctx->drops_to_ignore=net_sim_ctx->consecutive_drops - ((net_sim_ctx->consecutive_drops*net_sim_ctx->params.loss_rate)/100);
return input;
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