Commit 3ac1cac8 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

fix compilation issue

parent 35b2e735
......@@ -1567,11 +1567,11 @@ static void rtp_process_incoming_packet(RtpSession * session, mblk_t * mp, bool_
if (process_rtcp_packet(session, mp, remaddr, addrlen) >= 0){
/* a copy is needed since rtp_session_notify_inc_rtcp will free the mp,
and we don't want to send RTCP XR packet before notifying the application
that a message has been received*/
mblk_t * copy = copymsg(mp);
/* post an event to notify the application */
rtp_session_notify_inc_rtcp(session, mp, received_via_rtcp_mux);
/* reply to collaborative RTCP XR packets if needed. */
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