pre-commit: fix macosx version when files are deleted

parent 7170e5c6
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ function git-clang-format-diffing {
#only diffing commited files, ignored staged one
$format_diff $format_diff_options --diff $(git --no-pager diff --cached --name-only) > git-clang-format.diff
$format_diff $format_diff_options --diff $(git --no-pager diff --cached --name-status | grep -v '^D' | cut -f2) > git-clang-format.diff
if ! grep -q -E '(no modified files to format|clang-format did not modify any files)' git-clang-format.diff; then
invalid-format-detected "git apply git-clang-format.diff" "clang-format $format_diff_options -i <some_file.c>"
......@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ function clang-format-diff-diffing {
set -e
if which git-clang-format &>/dev/null; then
git-clang-format-diffing $@
elif [ ! -z "$(find /usr/bin/ /usr/local/bin/ /opt/bin/ -name 'clang-format-diff*' -type f 2>/dev/null)" ]; then
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