Added public getter for rtpsession'ssrc

parent a56d7f75
......@@ -251,6 +251,7 @@ RtpProfile *rtp_session_get_recv_profile(RtpSession *session);
int rtp_session_signal_connect(RtpSession *session,const char *signal_name, RtpCallback cb, unsigned long user_data);
int rtp_session_signal_disconnect_by_callback(RtpSession *session,const char *signal_name, RtpCallback cb);
void rtp_session_set_ssrc(RtpSession *session, uint32_t ssrc);
uint32_t rtp_session_get_send_ssrc(RtpSession* session);
void rtp_session_set_seq_number(RtpSession *session, uint16_t seq);
uint16_t rtp_session_get_seq_number(RtpSession *session);
......@@ -621,6 +621,13 @@ rtp_session_set_ssrc (RtpSession * session, uint32_t ssrc)
rtp_session_get_send_ssrc (RtpSession* session)
return session->snd.ssrc;
void rtp_session_update_payload_type(RtpSession *session, int paytype){
/* check if we support this payload type */
PayloadType *pt=rtp_profile_get_payload(session->rcv.profile,paytype);
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