Commit d2e91c8d authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩

Merge branch 'zrtp' of

parents 177467ab daf27862
......@@ -49,17 +49,12 @@ OrtpEvent * ortp_event_new(unsigned long type){
OrtpEvent *ortp_event_dup(OrtpEvent *ev){
#if 0
OrtpEvent *nev=dupb(ev);
OrtpEvent *nev = ortp_event_new(ortp_event_get_type(ev));
OrtpEventData * ed = ortp_event_get_data(ev);
OrtpEventData * edv = ortp_event_get_data(nev);
if (ed->ep) edv->ep = rtp_endpoint_dup(ed->ep);
if (ed->packet) edv->packet = copymsg(ed->packet);
edv->info.telephone_event = ed->info.telephone_event;
return nev;
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