Doxygen: replace invalid @returns with @return

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......@@ -595,7 +595,7 @@ ORTP_PUBLIC void rtp_session_set_reuseaddr(RtpSession *session, bool_t yes);
* @param[in] is_rtp Whether this object will be used for RTP packets or not.
* @param[in] endpoint #RtpTransport object in charge of sending/receiving packets. If NULL, it will use standards sendto and recvfrom functions.
* @param[in] modifiers_count number of #RtpModifier object given in the variadic list. Must be 0 if none are given.
* @returns 0 if successful, -1 otherwise
* @return 0 if successful, -1 otherwise
ORTP_PUBLIC int meta_rtp_transport_modifier_inject_packet(RtpTransport *t, RtpTransportModifier *tpm, mblk_t *msg , int flags);
ORTP_PUBLIC int meta_rtp_transport_new(RtpTransport **t, bool_t is_rtp, RtpTransport *endpoint, unsigned modifiers_count, ...);
......@@ -1790,7 +1790,7 @@ void rtp_session_clear_recv_error_code(RtpSession *session){
* This value might not be known: at the beginning when no RTCP packets have been exchanged yet, or simply because the
* rtcp channel is broken due to firewall problematics, or because the remote implementation does not support RTCP.
* @returns the round trip propagation time in seconds if known, -1 if unknown.
* @return the round trip propagation time in seconds if known, -1 if unknown.
float rtp_session_get_round_trip_propagation(RtpSession *session){
return session->rtt;
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