log error

parent e7ae3587
......@@ -1070,7 +1070,7 @@ static void update_recv_bytes(OrtpStream *os, int nbytes) {
static void log_send_error(RtpSession *session, const char *type, mblk_t *m, struct sockaddr *destaddr, socklen_t destlen){
char printable_ip_address[65]={0};
bctbx_sockaddr_to_printable_ip_address(destaddr, destlen, printable_ip_address, sizeof(printable_ip_address));
ortp_warning ("RtpSession [%p] error sending [%s] packet [%p] to %s: %s",
ortp_error ("RtpSession [%p] error sending [%s] packet [%p] to %s: %s",
session, type, m, printable_ip_address, getSocketError());
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