Commit f4d6250a authored by jehan's avatar jehan

add warning if cname is above 255 bytes

parent 2c94d578
......@@ -130,6 +130,17 @@ void rtp_session_set_source_description(RtpSession *session, const char *cname,
const char *tool, const char *note) {
mblk_t *m;
mblk_t *chunk = sdes_chunk_new(session->snd.ssrc);
if (strlen(cname)>255) {
* rfc3550,
* 6.5 SDES: Source Description RTCP Packet
* ...
* Note that the text can be no longer than 255 octets,
* */
ortp_warning("Cname [%s] too long for session [%p]",cname,session);
sdes_chunk_set_full_items(chunk, cname, name, email, phone, loc, tool, note);
if (session->full_sdes != NULL)
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