Commit f9099f6b authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

add clockrate in jitter buffer log

parent 235e5175
......@@ -311,13 +311,13 @@ void jitter_control_new_packet_rls(JitterControl *ctl, uint32_t packet_ts, uint3
ctl->params.min_size, ctl->params.nom_size, ctl->params.max_size);
ortp_message("jitter buffer rls stats: count=%d"
ortp_message("jitter buffer rls stats: count=%d, clockrate=%i"
", offset=%g clock_ratio=%g"
", capped_offset=%i capped_clock_ratio=%f"
", max_ts_deviation=%f prev_max_ts_deviation=%f"
", deviation=%i"
", RLS VARIABLES: P[0][0]=%f, P[1][0]=%f, P[0][1]=%f, P[1][1]=%f"
, ctl->count
, ctl->count, ctl->clock_rate
, ctl->kalman_rls.b, ctl->kalman_rls.m
, (int) ctl->clock_offset_ts, (float)ctl->capped_clock_ratio
, ortp_extremum_get_current(&ctl->max_ts_deviation), ortp_extremum_get_previous(&ctl->max_ts_deviation)
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