Commit d7cad0f9 authored by DanmeiChen's avatar DanmeiChen

[Update] linphone-sdk (4.1-61-g3043fc8)

parent 9da5b1a3 do |s| = "linphone-sdk"
s.version = "4.1-61-g3043fc8"
s.summary = "This is the linphone SDK, a free (GPL) video voip library based on the SIP protocol"
s.description = <<-PODSPEC_DESC
Enabled features:
* Unit tests, Enable unit tests support with BCUnit library.
* Mbedtls, Crypto stack implementation based on mbeddtls.
* GPL third parties, Usage of GPL third-party code (FFmpeg and x264).
* SRTP, SRTP media encryption support.
* ZRTP, ZRTP media encryption support.
* G729, G.729 audio encoding/decoding support.
* GSM, GSM audio encoding/decoding support.
* iLBC, iLBC audio encoding/decoding support.
* ISAC, ISAC audio encoding/decoding support.
* OPUS, OPUS audio encoding/decoding support.
* Speex, Speex audio encoding/decoding support.
* Video, Ability to capture and display video.
* jpeg, JPEG support with libjpeg-turbo.
* qrcode, QRCode support with zxing.
* MKV, MKV playing and recording support.
* VPX, VPX (VP8) video encoding/decoding support.
* LIME X3DH, Enable Linphone IM Encryption version 2 support in Liblinphone.
* Update Check, Enable update check.
* VCARD, Enable vCard 4 support in Linphone and Liblinphone.
s.homepage = ""
s.license = "GNU GPL 2" = ""
s.platform = :ios, "9.0"
s.source = { :http => "http://localhost:8000/" }
s.vendored_frameworks = "linphone-sdk/apple-darwin/Frameworks/**"
s.resource = "linphone-sdk/apple-darwin/Resources/**"
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