libaom v3.6.1 release

2023-05-08 v3.6.1
  This release includes several bug fixes. This release is ABI
  compatible with the last release. See for all the
  commits in this release.

  - Bug Fixes
    * aomedia:2871: Guard the support of the 7.x and 8.x levels for AV1
      under the CONFIG_CWG_C013 config flag, and only output the 7.x and
      8.x levels when explicitly requested.
    * aomedia:3382: Choose sb_size by ppi instead of svc.
    * aomedia:3384: Fix fullpel search limits.
    * aomedia:3388: Replace left shift of xq_active by multiplication.
    * aomedia:3389: Fix MV clamping in av1_mv_pred.
    * aomedia:3390: set_ld_layer_depth: cap max_layer_depth to
    * aomedia:3418: Fix MV clamping in av1_int_pro_motion_estimation.
    * aomedia:3429: Move lpf thread data init to lpf_pipeline_mt_init().
    * b:266719111: Fix undefined behavior in Arm Neon code.
    * b:269840681: nonrd_opt: align scan tables.
    * rtc: Fix is_key_frame setting in variance partition.
    * Build: Fix build with clang-cl and Visual Studio.
    * Build: Fix module definition file for MinGW/MSYS.