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    lavfi/gradfun: fix rounding in MMX code. · 2d66fc54
    Clément Bœsch authored
    Current code divides before increasing precision.
    Also reduce upper bound for strength from 255 to 64.  This will prevent
    an overflow in the SSSE3 and MMX filter_line code: delta is expressed as
    an u16 being shifted by 2 to the left. If it overflows, having a
    strength not above 64 will make sure that m is set to 0 (making the
    m*m*delta >> 14 expression void).
    A value above 64 should not make any sense unless gradfun is used as
    a blur filter.
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarAnton Khirnov <anton@khirnov.net>
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